Quake 4 Fortress

A Team Fortress mod for Quake 4

Developed between 2004-2006

Responsibilities: Project Leader / Level Designer

In charge of the projects vision, direction and management of the team, recruiting talent, creating balanced classes and gameplay, designing levels, creating layouts and visuals, and managing the website and public relations.

Description: Quake 4 Fortress is a Team Fortress based mod for Quake 4 that I developed before attending The Guildhall at SMU.  In Q4F, players choose to play one of 9 classes, from Medic to Soldier to Engineer, in a unique style of online team warfare.  Each class possesses special weapons, items, and abilities, as teams compete in online Capture the Flag battles.

Development Time: ~14 months

Requirements: Quake 4 (patch 1.4.2)

Download: Quake 4 Fortress 1.5 (205 Mb)