The Longest Asteroid

Unreal Tournament 2004

Designed in 2007

The Longest Asteroid is a remake of the level The Longest Yard, a popular deathmatch level for Quake 3 Arena, done as a 1 week assignment for my Level Design class. My goal was to keep the same layout and gameplay as the original level but change it visually. I always thought it was odd that the original was considered a "space map" when it was really just a level floating in a black void, and I thought why not really make it feel like a space map? So that's what I did. Players fight on a cluster of asteriods orbiting a planet. I created custom weapons to replicate the original weapons for gameplay purposes. I also created custom particle effects for the level. And lastly, I created the whole level out of static mesh using 3ds Max.  

Development Time: 1 week