The Elder Scrolls Online  (ZeniMax Online Studios)

Content Designer

I've always been a fan of MMO's and had always been interested in MMO design, so when ZeniMax Online Studios, Bethesda's new MMO studio, offered me a job before I had even graduated from The Guildhall at SMU, I jumped at the opportunity. I was initially hired as the first level designer on the team and to work on PvP areas and help construct the world. I eventually found my spot on the instance team designing the environments, implementing encounters, and working on effects for our dungeon and raid content. During my time at ZOS, I helped design the initial world layouts; blocked out the world; designed and documented zones and dungeons; used HeroEngine based proprietary tools to implement designs; designed quests, encounters, and MMO specific gameplay; designed and implemented environmental and ability/spell effects which included the construction of particles effects and scripting animated movement; collaborated with artists on the zones and dungeons I designed to ensure all beautification matched the central vision of the world and supported the designs I implemented; and provided feature support, testing, and bug-fixing of all implemented content.

The following video is a run through of one of the many areas I designed called Crypt of Hearts: